Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Academics developing software testimonies panel

Discussion panel of three testimonies from academics developing software.

Developing software from academia is not easy. Scholars are meant to teach and write. Releasing a research software demands much more than writing code. In this panel discussion, the four speakers will share their thoughts on those challenges. The discussion will benefit from the variety of situations they all bring : a "scholar-analyst" collaborating with a tech team, a team of scholars/engineers and a sociologist who codes alone. Should scholars leave coding to the professional? What does open sourcing code brings to the game? What does maintaining a research software require? Is coding from academia actually fun or a burden?

Add your own questions to this list by participating to the live event. Questions from the audience (chatroom) will be asked to the panel by the moderator.


Photo of Paul Girard Paul Girard
Photo of Ian Johnson Ian Johnson
Photo of Josquin Debaz Josquin Debaz
Photo of John Boy John Boy
Photo of Waldir Lisboa Rocha Waldir Lisboa Rocha