Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


ngspice - current status and future developments

After a short introduction to the ngspice circuit simulator the first part of the talk will present some new features available in ngspice-36. Among them are SVG plotting capability, acknowledging RKM notation (e.g. 4k7 for 4.7 KOhm resistance), new and improved convergence methods when calculation the operating point, and many others.

The second part of the talk discusses some new features under development or still under discussion, like XSPICE memory management improvements, adding BSIMCMG model for FinFETs, adding IBIS capability (together with KiCad and sparselizard), and S parameter intgration. A lot of discussions is going on among FOSS simulator developers and users about better Verilog-A support.


Photo of Holger Vogt Holger Vogt