Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Search and aggregations made easy with NodeJS and OpenSearch

Learn how OpenSearch works and get equipped with practical knowledge to search, aggregate and visualise your data.

This is a hands-on session where we will use JavaScript to interact with the OpenSearch cluster - create an index, add documents, search and aggregate data. At the end we’ll visualise results with OpenSearch Dashboards.

JavaScript engineers who are ready to add search and aggregation features to their applications should attend this session; no previous knowledge of OpenSearch is required.

In this session the audience will get both theoretical and practical knowledge on what OpenSearch is and how they can work with it by using its NodeJS client. This is a hands-on session where the audience is invited to follow along.

There will be an accompanying GitHub repository to allow the audience to follow me during or after the lecture.

References to old talks:

I’ve already run a similar session at AWS Community Day, added its link to the list of links. However, I will modify and improve the content based on the learnings from the previous session. So the content will not be the same.


Javascript Developers with no or little knowledge on Opensearch or Elasticsearch.


Photo of Olena Kutsenko Olena Kutsenko