Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


XWiki as an FOSS alternative to Confluence and Notion

Status in 2021: realtime editing, livedata feature, confluence migrator and macros

XWiki is a structured wiki engine developed as Open Source since 2004, providing wiki-style collaboration for organizations, with many built-in features and countless extensions. XWiki has pioneered wikis by including structured data on the same level as free text content, thus enhancing significantly the expressiveness of the built knowledge bases; this same usage is also popularized by Confluence and Notion, with different user experience choices and more importantly with business models that are keeping user's data locked-in on the Cloud or in proprietary software.

In this talk we will present XWiki's journey to provide the best FOSS alternative to proprietary knowledge management tools, based on both current features and future roadmap.

We will showcase XWiki's approach for collaboration on text & structured data, including the newly conceived "livedata" component for inline editing of structured tabular data as well as the new realtime editor based on the realtime editing technology from CryptPad.


Photo of Ludovic Dubost Ludovic Dubost
Anca Luca