Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


The CadQuery Ecosystem

A sampling of community projects and extensions

CadQuery is a Python module for building parametric 3D CAD models in boundary representation (B-rep). It has an active community that has created editors, personal projects, research projects, examples for new and advanced users, and plugins that extend the functionality of CadQuery. The project is maintained by a small core team and numerous community members. CadQuery is built on the OpenCASCADE (OCCT) CAD kernel, and has support for 2D and 3D primitives, allows 3D assemblies and 2D sketches to be created with constraints, and makes heavy use of features like selectors to help capture design intent.

There are multiple editors available for CadQuery including CQ-editor (desktop application), Jupyter-CadQuery (web based), and CadHub (web based CodeCAD sharing platform). There are repositories dedicated to examples and plugins, as well as separate projects for generating sprockets, chains, fasteners, polyhedra, and complex curves. Community members are responsible for much of the content in these repositories. There are also projects that rely on CadQuery, including in fusion research (Paramak), electrical component 3D model generation (KiCAD), and a more mouse-driven CAD application called Semblage. There are several ways of connecting with the community, including Discord, Matrix, Google Group and GitHub. Please introduce yourself and connect with other CadQuery users.


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