Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Scaling a Decentralized Metaverse in Browser without Data Leaks

Hacking old tech to achieve new protocols

Is a decentralized metaverse with hundreds of millions of users possible? From my experience working on open source tools with over a half billion downloads in a year, the answer is yes. But not through blockchains, tokens, or gimmicks. This talk is for the pure hearted, those who want scale, security, speed, and small code. I'll first briefly cover some mind blowing demos that our community, GUN (a p2p Firebase), has achieved, then showcase a new way to make apps & games that can instantly render user data (without login or registration) without the app itself being able to access it (preventing apps from being able to mine or spy on your data).


Photo of Mark Nadal Mark Nadal