Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Oniro - an open-source starter for fast-paced IoT environments

A retrospect on an open-source project development

In this presentation Sebastian shares project experience gained over nearly 2 years of the Oniro project development in the area of product research & development. He starts with the initial assumptions and various criteria that team members intended to apply to the work done. It was a very interesting experience to apply a product-driven approach to highly-paced open-source projects nowadays. Thus, the great effort was put in order to receive maximum value from products intended to deliver to the market. Ettore is an Embedded Linux Developer, and joins to share the partner experience as he is part of the Hardware Enablement Team for SECO.

In this talk, Sebastian is going to present a few product management principles, how they were applied to the project and what lessons were learnt in this process. The talk is filled with a few open source projects (e.g. GitLab, OpenProject and others) and how they were applied to the tasks we were faced with. Work package structures and workflows applied were also described to supplement the presentation. To conclude, Ettore joins the talk as representative of one of the Oniro Project partners, SECO, describing how was the experience in the last year, as an Internet of Things Hardware manufacturer.

If you are building an open source community or are aiming to build one, this talk might be an interesting option for you.


Photo of Ettore Chimenti Ettore Chimenti
Photo of Sebastian Serewa Sebastian Serewa