Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Generating virtual 3D exhibitions from Wikipedia

Let's dive into some rabbit holes with The Everything Exhibition!

Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons are a treasure trove of free information about a lot of topics! Wikipedia alone contains over 50 million articles in almost 300 languages. We're building a new, fun way to explore this content: "The Everything Exhibition" is an open-source generator that creates interactive, virtual 3D exhibitions on arbitrary topics, which you can explore in the browser! It has a multiplayer mode, so you can visit the exhibitions in groups. And, other than in a real museum, you can scribble on everything!

In this talk, we want to introduce you to how the generator works, and show you our current progress. We're using the 3D rendering engine three.js, and defined a simple datastructure for describing the exhibition content, to make the generator arbitrarily extendable. We'll go into which algorithms we tried for creating the room layouts, share what we learned in our playtest sessions, and talk about what's next.

With this project, we especially have young people in mind, who are often already used to 3D games and environments. But the Everything Exhibition allows everyone to really get lost in these delicious rabbit holes! :D


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