Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Information Engineering Operations

A DevOps paradigm for Product Documentation Group

The product document intersects between product and non-product teams. The dependency on the product features is invariably high with the early adopters and existing user base.

Integrating with the non-product groups to understand the expected use cases, building scenarios with the product team with quality and security being implicit will be the objective of this information engineering operations group.

Imagine the user base is trying to figure out a mail-merge situation using Base and Writer modules. LibreOffice offers features to integrate with the modules to merge and generate compelling mails.

An authoritative multilingual guide to accomplishing the scenarios will take a whale of time to reach the user base. Treating it as a lost opportunity, the new paradigms to integrate with the non-product and product teams will table the perspective of mirroring DevSecOps.

This talk will highlight the opportunities available within the industry for the Information Engineering team.


Photo of Vasudev Narayanan Vasudev Narayanan