Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Let's Build a 200-Page-Long Lecture Book with LibreOffice Writer

Challanges, tips and tricks that work and that don't

In 2021, a tender financed by the Australian Government has been won. The purpose of the project was to create a lecture book for kids, parents and their teachers who have a European (Hungarian) background, and who want to keep their cultural heritage, while they are living in a non-Hungarian speaking country.

Such a project has a lot of interesting challenges but in this talk, mostly the technical aspects will be introduced. The perspective and the journey of the editor of the book will be demonstrated, whose responsibility was to combine the chapters written by three different authors into a single, ready-to-print document.

The main tools were LibreOffice Writer and Draw but GIMP and InkScape also played a significant role.

In the talk, various tricks and steps will be shown how the document has been created and how the different tools were able to cooperate. Besides the working ways, some non-working paths and traps also will be shown.


Csongor Halmai