Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Technology kits (choices) that enable to consistently deliver high quality frontend solutions at speed

Did you face the difficulty of choosing a right architecture solution for a specific project or a client while considering their “rather” complex environment? Do you feel like you need to change your tech stack continuously?

If the answer is yes to both of the questions, join my talk about the solutions I’ve found so we can ca discuss your best practice as well.

Accelerators (technology kits) are opinionated yet pragmatic that I’ve identified and tested on the projects in production. They allow me to go faster on delivering high-quality code with an easy to master architecture, to on-board other team members on the project and increase their productivity without reinventing everything from scratch.

We will discuss about the main JS frameworks (Vue.js, React, Svelte, Angular) and their meta-framework (why use them?), the state management (local and server state), the accessibility (how to integrate it from the beginning?), the testing and styling (CSS, SCSS, CSS-In-JS, Tailwind, which one to choose?).

Of course, take everything that will be said in this talk as an opinion, not as an absolute word because there is only one way to develop.

Be ready to share your tips during Q&A session.


Photo of Boubacar Siddighi BARRY Boubacar Siddighi BARRY