Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Mono Lake Story - how we enabled an open hardware platform

We are living in exciting times - we are finally seeing hyperscale server platforms opening up and running on open source software (with caveats still). The journey though is a road full of potholes, braking and sharp turns. Opening up hardware is not easy! Follow along and see how we enabled the Mono Lake platform that was originally created by Facebook (now Meta).

Opening up hardware is a difficult process. But necessary for those who are part of the circular economy. Being able to extend the life of hardware platforms by making community supported can be quite a lift but the end is can be filled iwth possibilitles. While there has been many instances of open hardware - none though is built to run as hyperscale platform in data centers.

The Mono Lake platform was originally open spec'd and built by Facebook (now Meta) - with it, we can build powerful data center class computing engines that run modern workloads. But because the platform is 4 years old, it needed to move from a singular purpose to general purpose. This talk will be focused on the journey of opeining up the Mono Lake platform and the end result and the work still left to do.


Photo of Sri Ramkrishna Sri Ramkrishna