Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


1 year of the Sustaining open source design podcast

What key themes emerged from 1 year and 17 episodes of design in open source podcasts?

The Sustaining open source design podcast has been hosting conversations about open source and design over the last year with designers of all kinds across the spectrum of open source software projects. From new to open source to long term contributors and from practicing visual designers to design researchers. We've spent over 30 hours in conversation with designers and we are coming together as hosts to discuss the main themes throughout these conversations in 2021 at FOSDEM 2022 with a look ahead to what might come up in 2022 for design in OSS.

This will be a conversation between hosts of the SOS design podcast: Eriol Fox, Georgia Bullen, Memo Esparza, Peace Omejeh and Richard Littuar



Photo of Georgia Bullen Georgia Bullen
Photo of Memo Esparza Memo Esparza
Eriol Fox