Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Destructuring Frontend monoliths with MicroFrontends

From loading Ajax requests in browsers to have full-blown frameworks; Javascript has come a long way. While moving stuff from backend to frontend the problems of backend are also ported. The Bigger the code gets bigger the problems, more dependencies, harder maintainability, eventually all the problems of a huge monolith. With MicroFrontends, we can break this monolith into smaller independent, maintainable apps. Sounds good? Let’s see how in this talk.

In the modern app architecture, Frontend contributes a major chunk of the setup, most of the business logic is housed in the Frontend. Over time Frontend app becomes a huge monolith, harder to maintain, trickier to add new features, and so on. With Microfrontends we break this monolith into smaller independent apps. These apps are developed independently but stitched as a SPA on the fly with all the goodies of client-side javascript. This has been done traditionally with several approaches, but with Webpack 5 we now have Module Federation, which opens the door for seamless MicroFrontend integrations. In this talk, we will discuss the Microfrontends architecture pattern, how to destructure an existing monolith into MicroFrontends with help of Module Federation from Webpack 5. By the end of this talk, the attendees will be having a new vision of how they architect their Frontends.


Photo of Trishul Goel Trishul Goel