Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Testing Requirements Documents

Integrating Specifications into your CI/CD pipeline

In a traditional document driven process any changes to requirements need to be verified and validated manually. A solution is proposed to link requirements specifications to their implementation and track changes.

Integrating specifications documents into CI/CD pipelines enables the agile creation of always up-to-date documentation for the built/shipped artefacts. We link specific versions of specification items with code, tests, and other artefacts through their identifier and hash value.

Modern development practices have introduced continuous integration. It ensures that ingtegration steps create as little friction as possible. Furthermore all unit-tests are supposed to be succesfull at any given point in time.

Specifications documents can not trace this gap automatically and any changes on either side (implementation or specification) is subject to manual verification.

An extensible solution is proposed to link specification items with code (text) or any binary with a specific interpreter.

A demonstration is given how a hypothetical spacecraft has its tea brewer connected with Spacewire and the traceability is established. The data import from a DOORS Excel dump is shown and how to link it to a given specification.


Photo of Kristoffer Nordström Kristoffer Nordström