Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


A Raku Grammar for Navigation Lights

code walkthrough with live examples

One feature that sets raku apart from other programming languages is the built-in Grammar parser syntax. This provides a concise, clean and extensible tool for parsing text and triggering Actions according to the content. Navigation aids such as buoys and markers sport flashing lights with characteristics such as color, duration, phase, occulting, speed, height, visibility and so on are represented on navigation charts by way of a short code e.g. Fl(4)15s37m28M.

This talk aims to show how raku provides the average coder (me) with a new practical alternative to Regexs and/or specialist recursive descent modules. It should illustrate how the combination of the raku built-in OO system and Grammars/Actions keeps the problem domain / problem solution in focus via code and visual examples.


Photo of Steve Roe Steve Roe