Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


DevOps, Cloud Native, DPUs: beyond the buzzwords

The future and evolution of on-prem open source virtualization platforms

Open Source virtualization is almost 20 years old. Obviously, things have evolved a lot in that time: the public cloud, new CPU architectures, new storage technologies, and more.

What about the real, on-the-ground usage? Sysadmins, Ops and Devops are not leveraging virtualization the same way today as they did before. But what really changed? In what direction is it evolving? Is on-premise open source virtualization still relevant today?

Through our own journey as engineers of an open source virtualization platform, we'll give you an inside look into what our users are requesting from us, and what we did to modernize our virtualization stack based on the Xen hypervisor.


Olivier Lambert