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09:00 Welcome to the Perl devroom 3D everywhere with Babylon.js Introduction to the SDR Track Opening Where is LLVM being used today? Welcome to the Desktops DevRoom 2016 EdgeBSD: Status report After describing your infrastructure as code, reuse that to monitor it LPI Exam Session 3 A discussion with Richard Stallman
  Minio - Amazon S3 alternative in Go The Pinnacle of Hubris FlinkML: Large Scale machine learning for Apache Flink
  GNOME Builder, a year of development
09:15 The GNU Radio Companion Changelog
09:30 The OctaForge 3D Game Engine Automating your Analysis with SAGA GIS MADlib: Distributed In-Database Machine Learning for Fun and Profit
09:45 The GNU Radio Toolkit WebAssembly: Here Be Dragons Panorama of GUI toolkits on Haiku
  etcd: the cornerstone of distributed systems using Go Perl 6
10:00 Re-thinking Linux Distributions Free communications with Free Software A New Patchwork Meet a parallel, asynchronous PHP world Intro to Ruby Devroom Arduboy feat. the Web: pocket-sized gamedev for everyone Tempus - a framework for multimodal trip planning Apertium: A free/open-source rule-based machine translation platform [AMENDMENT] Apache Bigtop An update on the state of etnaviv The State of Linux Distributions Routing: A view from my local topography on routing technology and Free Software. Beyond config management Managing Ceph through Cinder using oVirt Software Patents v3.0: the Unitary Patent Court
  Signal Intelligence Challenges Interesting Things You Can Do With ZFS Yocto and IoT - a retrospective
  An efficient and thread-safe representation of objects for JRuby+Truffle
10:15 Free Java 2016 Welcome - Sunday
  Buildtime Trend : visualise what's trending in your build process Insights into the Eclipse IDE open source project Genode as Desktop OS
  Building Self-Optimizing Radios using DEAP
10:30 Drawing your gameplay: paper & color based interaction. Mapbender3 Automating Big Data Benchmarking for Different Architectures An LLVM developer setup Standardising booting on armv7 The n00b's guide to DPDK and OVS with DPDK Ceph Rados Gateway overview A Decade of Dual Licensing: Lessons Learned and Questions Remains
  From prototype to deployment: Building a REST application using Go RPerl, Perl 11, and The Future of Perl Performance
  Learning about software development with Kibana dashboards
10:45 Radio Machine Learning with FOSS
11:00 Beyond reproducible builds Building a peer-to-peer network for Real-Time Communication coala - Code Analysis Made Simple Dotty, a next generation Scala compiler Profiling your PHP application Unified Framework for Big Data Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW) The Bitbox Console Building a geo-aware OS Continuous translation with Weblate hanythingondemand: easily creating on-the-fly Hadoop clusters (and more) on HPC systems Porting LLVM to a new OS NIR on the Mesa i965 backend OpenSwitch: An open source distribution for white box switches War Story: Puppet in a Traditional Enterprise LPI Exam Session 4 Connected Tizen AMENDMENT: A Beautiful Build: Releasing Linux Source Correctly
  Optimizing JRuby 9000
  Contributing to the Graphics stack on FreeBSD
11:15 The rad1o badge The Enlightenment of Wayland oVirt - let's hyperconverge!
  How choosing the Raft consensus algorithm saved us 3 months of development time Perl and Mathematics
11:30 Building Data applications with Go: from Bloom filters to Data pipelines Blender as a generic tool Results of Google Summer of Code 2015 at OSGeo Timely dataflow in Rust AAP: An Altruistic Processor CANCELLED: Cockpit: Discoverable Linux Servers AMENDMENT: Linux tc and eBPF
  Keeping your files safe in the post-Snowden era with SXFS
11:45 Using Red Pitaya for radio applications (from LF to HF)
12:00 illumos at 5 Mainflux Spiffing - Military grade security RetroPi Handheld Raspberry Pi Gaming Console PSR-7 HTTP messages in the wild Improving Postgres' Buffer Manager Writing concurrent libraries for all Ruby runtimes RedMetrics - Data-driven Game Design with Open Analytics 100% open journey planning 10 easy steps to ruin your localization ClusterShell AAPSIM: Implementing a LLVM based simulator EzBench, a tool to help you benchmark and bisect the Graphics Stack's performance FreeBSD/Xen update OVS, DPDK and Software Dataplane Acceleration Flexibility and Power in Puppet 4 Language Writing secure HTML5 applications for automotive systems Open source foundations: threat or menace?
  PONAPI Extracting Data from your Open Source Communities
  Reproducible and User-Controlled Package Management in HPC with GNU Guix Converged desktop experience
12:15 CANCELLED gopy: extend CPython with Go SDR Track Panel Scylla, a Cassandra-compatible NoSQL database at 2 million requests/s Containers and Virtualization
  Layers Box Taxi trip analysis (DEBS grand-challenge) with Apache Geode (incubating)
12:30 Open Game Demo Hour Mapping with a phone OpenHPC: Community Building Blocks for HPC Systems Jancy The Fedora Project By the Numbers: Snabb Switch: Riding the HPC wave to simpler, better network appliances Cuteboot
  FAI - The Universal Installation Tool Crust
12:45 Neon Advanced Management for IaaS and Containers
13:00 RocksDB Storage Engine for MySQL How containers work in Linux Knot DNS Resolver JEP 243: Java-Level JVM Compiler Interface and what it can be used for Debugging Go programs with Delve HTTP/2 for PHP developers JSON By Example Ruby and OMR OSM + SRTM + WebGL = Flight Simulator Coding the next generation of localisation tools XALT: Tracking User Jobs and Environments on a Supercomputer How to use LLVM C API with Swift HDMI CEC: What? Why? How? The Universal System Description Challenges in Distributed SDN Hardening Your Config Management LibreOffice Exam Session 2 Hacking on the Fairphone 2 A community take on the license compliance industry
  Could Haiku ever become a BSD?
13:15 Embedded SDR
  Prometheus - A Next Generation Monitoring System WikiToLearn: Bringing academia to the Internet era
  From Regular Expressions to Parsing JavaScript API-Powered Dictionaries For Digitally Under-Represented Languages
13:30 Optimizing Above the JVM in JRuby 9000 Haxe : A language by gamedevs for gamedevs OL3-Cesium, 3D for OpenLayers Multi-host containerised HPC cluster Using LLVM's LibFuzzer to Fuzz PostgreSQL The CentOS CI: A getting started guide The MoonGen Packet Generator Kuryr: Bridging the Docker-VM networking gap Why a Patent License is Necessarily Implied But a Trademark License Is Not
  Going cross-platform - how htop was made portable
13:45 RFNoC -- Evolving SDR toolkits to the FPGA platform Open/LibreSSL in FreeBSD
  Tweaking Ruby GC parameters for speed and profit SUSE Studio: What's new and where we are heading Supporting legacy application packages on Ubuntu Personal
14:00 How to design a Linux kernel API Micro-datacenter with Raspberry Pi and Kubernetes Ralph - Asset Management System Plugins and Go How to Migrate Anything with Baleen Explaining the Postgres Query Optimizer Open tools for game design iTowns, an opensource web framework for 3D visualization IXA pipes: Easy and ready use NLP tools for language communities Parallel Inception LLVM-based dynamic dataflow compilation for heterogeneous targets Compute Support for Nouveau Clearwater: Open-Source IMS Core for the Cloud Literate Devops for Configuration Management kernelci.org: The Upstream Linux Kernel Validation Project Status of safety-critical FOSS PGP Keysigning
  AMENDMENT: Maven Teaching Perl CoreOS: A Linux distribution designed for application containers that scale
14:15 News from the OAI Community Evaluating OpenStack Containers as a service Magnum for production
  Parallels between GPL/copyrights and secure patent behaviour Improving Telepathy
14:30 Learning biology with a game Introduction to MySQL GIS Using Hadoop as a SQL Data Warehouse Automated tracking of performance of compiler-generated code. Free real-time communications for free software communities Experiences with OpenDaylight Service Function Chaining (SFC) Comparing codes of conduct to copyleft licenses
  (amd64) Assembly programming for Perl programmers ElectroBSD - Getting a reproducible BSD out of the door
  Snowdrift.coop - sustainable funding for FLO projects
14:45 The state of Go srsUE: A high-performance software radio LTE UE
  Adoption's Group Cultural Guide to OpenJDK MOVED: How to write Ruby extensions with Crystal Lightning Talks
15:00 The Future of OpenDocument (ODF) Live Migration of Virtual Machines From the Bottom Up The Unix history in a repository Rethinking Extension Development for PHP and HHVM UPSERT use cases Perl is not dead,... it got better! Citizen science 2.0 Managing Spatio-Temporal Big Data through Scalable OGC Web Services Integrate spell and grammar checking ORCA: Query Optimization as a Service Simulation to Aid Developing Software for Hardware Avoid the maze of container networking Managing a complex DNS environment LibreOffice Exam Session 3 GNU/Linux for Safety Related Systems Who's afraid of the DCO
  Make backups and versions available easy.
15:15 Prototyping the 5G Air Interface in GNU Radio: An FBMC Primer Sulong: Fast LLVM IR Execution on the JVM with Truffle and Graal Infrastructure provisioning in context of organization
  What's new in Perl?
15:30 Meet The Governing Board Lightning Talks From gamers to tango dancers Geospatial and Me Big Data meets Fast Data: an scalable hybrid real-time transactional and analytics solution State of arm64 OpenSIPS 2.1 as edge proxy
  NEW: Ruby Hacker Space
  OSCAR: Address the new challenges of open-source software quality Eolian: automatic EFL binding generation and more Reproducible builds in FreeBSD packages
15:45 Synchronization in distributed SDR for localization applications
16:00 Scaling and Securing LibreOffice Online Baobáxia - the Galaxy of Baobab Trees Introduction to Augmented Reality PHP 7 Using PostgreSQL for Bibliographic Data Ludobox Trajectory: A novel geospatial data model of Pivotal GPDB Learn what you can do for your language Apache Flink: streaming done right SVM on Intel Graphics Using Project Calico to network containers Config Management and Containers Raiders of the lost testing env Developing embedded JavaScript engine, V7 Pick a peck of license pickers
  Perl 6
16:15 Wideband measurement strategies: from RADAR to passive wireless sensors Enabling GUI tools for CMake code
  FOSDEM infrastructure review
  Increasing access to free and open knowledge for speakers of underserved languages on Wikipedia
16:30 Free Knowledge Game Jam: Bringing Two Worlds Together Geocoding the World with openaddresses.io Streaming Architecture: Why Flow Instead of State? Wither EPEL? Adapting open-source NMS to an SDN reality Oh, My! Oh-My-Vagrant (with live demos!) Running the Processing environment on ARM SBCs
  See you next year! Closing
17:00 Putting 8 Million People on the Map:
  Closing FOSDEM 2016