Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


From prototype to deployment: Building a REST application using Go

Experiences learned during the development of Heketi

Choosing a language, specially a relatively new language, for a project can be a challenge. Does it have enough documentation? Is it interpreted or compiled to machine language? How easily can it be built? How can it be tested? What libraries are available? These and other question like them are always asked by developers when confronting a new language for a project. In this talk we will be discussing the experiences learned while researching, designing, developing, and deploying project Heketi, a RESTful service used to intelligently allocate volumes in GlusterFS.

This talk will cover important experiences learned at each stage of development of project Heketi[1]. We will be discussing:

* Project Infrastructure: Builds, Testing, Utilities
* REST Application development with middleware support
* Concurrency and asynchronous request models
* Database management




Photo of Luis Pabón Luis Pabón