Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


MOVED: How to write Ruby extensions with Crystal

Everyone wants his application to work faster. We use several tools to speed up our applications. I’ll tell you how to improve performance by using crystal extensions for Ruby. It’s pretty easy to replace slow parts of application like heavy calculations, and I’ll show you how.

Crystal is compiling to native code programming language. Crystal's authors say, it has ruby-inspired syntax. That’s why barriers to entry are very low for ruby developer. Sometimes when you look at the code you may ask yourself, what language do you see, is it Crystal or Ruby?

I’ll tell you about Crystal, similarities and differences from Ruby. And how to write Ruby extensions with Crystal to speed up your application. Don’t forget Crystal compiles to native code, so it uses less memory, CPU and it works several times faster.


Photo of Anna Shcherbinina (gaar4ica) Anna Shcherbinina (gaar4ica)