Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


FreeBSD/Xen update

News from FreeBSD and Xen

It's been more than a year since FreeBSD gained support for running as a Xen host, but there's still a lot of ongoing work on both FreeBSD and Xen in order to improve the features and the performance of FreeBSD as a guest and a host.

This talk will cover the latest improvements in FreeBSD related to Xen support, and the new features being developed for Xen itself.

The goals are to provide information about the latest improvements in both FreeBSD and Xen:

  • FreeBSD improvements:

    • Bug fixes.
    • Removal of the classic Xen PV port.
    • Indirect descriptors support for blkfront (Colin Percival).
    • Unmapped IO support for blkfront.
    • Code cleanup in preparation for ARM64 support (Julien Grall).
    • Rework of the netfront driver (Wei Liu).
  • Xen improvements:

    • Rework of the PVH implementation inside of Xen.
    • Grant table performance improvements.
    • xSplice (hypervisor live patching).
    • Virtual Performance Monitoring Unit.


Roger Pau Monné
Wei Liu