Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


FAI - The Universal Installation Tool

Why FAI (Fully Automatic Installation) is the perfect Tool for provisioning bare-metal, VM, chroots and Live CDs

A short demo will show the features of FAI 5.0, which was released in nov 2015.

FAI, the Fully Automatic Installation is a network installation system for the installation and configuration of the operation system and all your applications on all your hosts. The whole installation only takes a few minutes without any interaction necessary.

The FAI project startet in 1999 as a bare metal provisioning tool for Debian GNU/Linux only. Today it's also used for deploying different Linux distributions like Ubuntu, CentOS, Scientific Linux or Suse on real hardware or virtual hosts. For FAI there's no difference in installing a real machine, a virtual machine, setting up a chroot environment or creating a Live CD.

In nov 2015 FAI 5.0 was released.

A short demo will show why FAI is the universal deployment tool.


Photo of Thomas Lange Thomas Lange