Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Buildtime Trend : visualise what's trending in your build process

Are you interested in gaining some insight in the running time of the build process of your project? Buildtime Trend is an Open Source application that collects timing data from a build process, currently Travis CI, and uses this to create charts to visualise trends of what's happening during a build. We'll explain how it works, and how you can set it up for your project, concluding with a demo that shows the charts and metrics on the dashboard.

The Buildtime Trend project started in an urge to find the cause of an unstable build process. A first version was a collection of Python and Bash scripts that generated timing data and produce a simple chart showing duration of different parts of a build process. In the last few months these simple scripts have evolved into a Heroku hosted service that gets timing data from the log file of Travis CI build job. The service is automatically triggered when a build is finished.

The timing data that is gathered by the service is used in a dashboard with a series of charts and metrics. It shows data like build time duration, failed and successful builds. It is also possible to select different timeframes, and to filter on specific build job parameters like branch name and language version.

Currently, the service can process Travis CI build logs, but in the future, other CI platforms will be supported as well.


Photo of Dieter Adriaenssens Dieter Adriaenssens