Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Mapping with a phone

Why is it so hard to edit OpenStreetMap on a phone, and how MAPS.ME solves this problem

OpenStreetMap project has a lot of editing applications for every system. Experienced mappers edit in JOSM and Vespucci, amateurs use iD and Go Map, novices... A sad thing is, there are no simple editors, because OSM data model is not simple. And on mobile devices, the situation worsens, because the quality of a user interface becomes crucial. In this talk, Ilya Zverev would present the state of OSM editing on mobile devices, and how MAPS.ME set off to build a perfect and open map editor for non-mappers, attracting thousands to improve OpenStreetMap.


Photo of Ilya Zverev Ilya Zverev