Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Debugging Go programs with Delve

Learn about debugging Go programs from the creator of Delve: a debugger for the Go programming language.

Debugging programs can be extremely difficult. Start mixing in massive parallelism and the task quickly devolves into a frustrating exercise that challenges your patience and sanity. During the course of this talk I will show how Delve can take the pain out of debugging Go programs. Concretely, I will explain the problems Delve solves, and present the features unique to Delve.

Go programs can be very difficult to debug. During this talk I will explain why that is true, and in the process why I created Delve and how it makes debugging Go programs easier.

I will begin by explaining why Go is difficult to debug, and why existing debuggers are incompatible with Go. Following that I will take a deep dive into Delve explaining how it works, and how it solves the problems discussed in the beginning of the talk. Following that I will launch into a demo, showing how to use Delve and how to leverage the specific features of Delve to debug Go programs.

This talk is aimed at people of all skill levels. There will be several 'usage' examples that can benefit everyone, as well as very technical deep dives into Go and debuggers which will appeal to intermediate / advanced Go developers.


Derek Parker