Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


WikiToLearn: Bringing academia to the Internet era

How open textbooks will change teaching and learning

The KDE community has always strongly believed in free and open source software. Today, we are taking this mission one step further, by bringing openness to the most important intellectual production of humanity: knowledge itself. We are not alone: to ensure full-scale success we are partnering with the most prestigious research institutions and universities all over the globe.

WikiToLearn is an open platform where students, researchers and key people in the academia can create and refine notes and text books, tailored precisely to their needs, and giving them the power to customize the teaching beyond what traditional textbooks allow. Our philosophy inherits from the very foundation of how science works. We believe that “Knowledge only grows if shared” and we want learners to “Stand on the shoulder of giants!”.


Photo of Riccardo Iaconelli Riccardo Iaconelli