Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Scylla, a Cassandra-compatible NoSQL database at 2 million requests/s

Scylla is a new NoSQL database, capable of 2 million requests per second per node, while providing Apache Cassandra compatibility and scaling properties. Scylla applies systems programming techniques to a horizontally scalable NoSQL design to achieve extreme performance improvements. As CPU core counts continue to grow, along with the raw speed of networking and storage devices available on a modern system, software design approaches that were valid and safe even a few years ago are no longer sustainable.

Scylla enables high throughput, low latency, and rapid completion of housekeeping operations such as compaction. Scylla eliminates known performance bottlenecks of existing NoSQL servers by running multiple engines, one per core, each with its own memory, CPU and multi-queue NIC. Scylla bypasses key performance bottlenecks that can affect NoSQL server performance using per-core memory allocation to avoid locking, and asynchronous I/O for storage to bypass the system page cache. With Scylla, NoSQL projects can avoid performance uncertainties up front in order to deploy a system that performs and scales with a low risk of unpredictable performance issues later.


Photo of Roman Shaposhnik Roman Shaposhnik