Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Free real-time communications for free software communities

How RTC can improve collaboration and long term participation

Use of real-time communications (voice, video and chat) in free software communities.

Many communities have started running some kind of RTC infrastructure, such as Debian (SIP, XMPP and WebRTC), GNOME (XMPP) and the service for Fedora (SIP, WebRTC). Some other communities are still debating the concept or trying to decide where to start. This session will look at questions like: where do we start? What is the support overhead? Can we do multi-party video calling entirely with free software? Is federation feasible, functional and worthwhile? How can this type of communication strengthen the connection people have with the community and their participation in the long term? How can the pub/sub and notification features of these services integrate with automated systems, such as FedMsg in Fedora?


Iain Learmonth (irl)
Photo of Harsh Daftary Harsh Daftary