Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Scaling and Securing LibreOffice Online

caging, taming and go-faster-striping a big beast of an office suite

The story of how we make LibreOffice Online scale and perform securely for a large number of concurrent users.

As LibreOffice moves online, it provides a Free Software alternative to Office365 using a rather similar high-fidelity, full-feature architecture. This brings a number of interesting challenges we've had to solve. Performance challenges include - how can we run 1000 concurrent users on a reasonably sized server ? How can we share as much as possible of the bootstrapping and setup functionality to reduce memory usage ? Can we really use Linux's hugepages to reduce TLB cost ? Security is also an interesting concern with the challenge of building a layered model to ensure that no one bad-actor can compromise other user's documents despite having such an extensive attack surface.

Come and hear the story of the development of LibreOffice Online how Collabora solves these problems, and how you can get it in the CODE project. Also catch up with the latest and greatest feature/function improvements coming in LibreOffice 5.1 - our annual FOSDEM release, and find out how you can best get involved with LibreOffice.


Photo of Michael Meeks Michael Meeks