Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Managing Ceph through Cinder using oVirt

The demand for managing a large amount of data in a scalable yet reliable and cost-effective way has became more and more relevant in this day and age. Ceph, a software-defined storage, provides an original solution for this problem and guarantees a resilient and self-healing way for managing large amount of data up to the Exabyte level. In this session I will talk about a new feature introduced in oVirt 3.6 which provides the ability to integrate with Red Hat Ceph storage using Cinder, a storage service used mainly for OpenStack. This integration reveals new opportunities and tools for storage management in a scalable and virtualized way and also opens the door for interesting future integrations with other storage providers.

In this session I will describe how oVirt, an open source virtualization management platform, has extended and elevated its storage virtualization management capabilities by integrating with Cinder, a storage service, to manage resources from the Ceph Storage. oVirt 3.6 revolutionize the way it manages virtualized storage to be much more scalable and flexible, and opens the door for future integrations with well known storage providers such as NetApp, EMC, HP and more.


Photo of Maor Lipchuk Maor Lipchuk