Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


(amd64) Assembly programming for Perl programmers

"Perl and Assembly language unexpectedly have a few things in common: - Not very hip - Dangerously permissive - Magic variables! Sigisl (if you use AT&T syntax) - Fun!

My aim is to show perl programmers that assembly language is no more complex than regular expressions, much more powerful, and intellectually interesting. To show sceptics that modern amd64 programming is not nearly as insane as they may have remembered x86 to be. And to show how to use assembly language from within perl6 programs. I will use a nontrivial example to show this, with assembly code and perl6 code that really runs. My ulterior motive is to motivate and interest developers on working on MoarVM, its JIT compiler, and show them this stuff is not nearly as scare as one might think."


Bart Wiegmans