Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Adoption's Group Cultural Guide to OpenJDK

OpenJDK is now a well established Free Software Ecosystem, with a vibrant Community and lots of interesting stuff going on, with projects, repositories, bug database and above all experiments!

This is exciting and fun, but given the challenges of such massive project, it is intimidating and it is easy to get lost. It is also easy to forget that such massive infrastructure requires well defined rules, that are sometime perceived as blocking rather than aiding the participation. To help people wanting to contribute keep track of this intricate forest of development and find their way in, the Adoption Group was created (

This session is an exchange between few of the hackers directly involved with the Adoption Group and the public, we will answer questions the audience may have in relation to getting involved with OpenJDK, try to define and explain workarounds for most common problems (and blockers!) that newcomers face, discuss some of the projects we are currently involved with, and hope to be your Ariadne's thread to win back the fun of contributing and participating at all levels, without ever getting lost!


Photo of Mario Torre Mario Torre
Photo of Martijn Verburg Martijn Verburg
Photo of Dalibor Topić Dalibor Topić