Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Supporting legacy application packages on Ubuntu Personal

Bringing old world charm to a shiny new world.

The upcoming Ubuntu Personal is a secure system for converged desktop, laptop, and mobile devices, with transaction updates and apps with bundled dependencies. Problem is, the old stuff we may depend on to do our day-to-day work may not be immediately available to run natively. To help that transition, Ubuntu has a plan that will have traditional software packages running sandboxed in containers. This is a quick overview of how that sandbox works, including a demonstration of it in action.

This is an overview of a facility that will be available with Ubuntu Personal that will allow X11-based Deb-packaged software to run under a Mir-based Unity 8 environment on a desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, or whatever that thing with the flashing lights is sitting in the closet. Setting the stage by describing how Ubuntu Personal uses a transactionally updated read-only system and snappy package bundles, a description of how deb packages can be installed, updated, and run in a sandbox container will be followed by actual live demonstrations.


Photo of Stephen Webb Stephen Webb