Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


iTowns, an opensource web framework for 3D visualization

This session presents a new web framework called iTowns, which is a JS/WebGL visualization framework aimed at visualizing various kind of 3D data : buildings, meshes, point clouds, projected textures and more.

iTowns is a new framework for 3D data visualization based on latest web technologies, namely WebGL. It aims at providing a full-featured library for immersive environment visualization.

French IGN research laboratories (MATIS, LOEMI, COGIT) have been working for years on capturing, processing and visualizing 3D geospatial data. iTowns is a product initially developped in this frame thanks to French ANR and FUI fundings with CAP DIGITAL. IGN decided to release iTowns as OpenSource in the end of 2015, so as to broaden the use of this 3D geospatial library.

The iTowns platform provides 3D visualization with immersive views and various kind of data. Point Clouds coming from LIDAR sensors can be displayed very efficently, so as structured 3D models or complex meshes.

Based on THREE.JS, iTowns provides a ground to build 3D geospatial applications for various purposes. It extends THREE.JS to provide geospatial features and access to new types of data relating to GIS.

The first use case is to make advantage of the 3D mobile sensor vehicle from IGN, named STEREOPOLIS, which provides a large range of data. Virtual visits of complex indoor buildings can be another example of use cases.

This presentation provides an overview of the iTowns product with a demonstration, and showcases a minimal example of use. We then discuss the roadmap and evolution towards the next version.


Vincent Mora