Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


OpenHPC: Community Building Blocks for HPC Systems

Today, many supercomputing sites spend considerable effort aggregating a large suite of open-source projects on top of their chosen base Linux distribution in order to provide a capable HPC environment for their users. They also frequently leverage a mix of external and in-house tools to perform software builds, provisioning, config management, software upgrades, and system diagnostics. Although the functionality is similar, the implementations across sites is often different which can lead to duplication of effort. This presentation will use the above challenges as motivation for introducing a new, open-source HPC community (OpenHPC) that is focused on providing HPC-centric package builds for a variety of common building-blocks in an effort to minimize duplication, implement integration testing to gain validation confidence, and provide a platform to share configuration recipes from a variety of sites.


Karl W. Schulz