Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Interesting Things You Can Do With ZFS

A tour through some lesser known features, subcommands, and recipes for doing interesting things with ZFS, presented by the co-author of "FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS"

ZFS is well known for being a rock solid storage system with a plethora of features. Yet, most users are unaware of just how powerful ZFS is. ZFS is so fundamentally different from other file systems that new and interesting things are possible. This presentation will demonstrate a number of very interesting configurations that sysadmins, developers, and others may find very useful.

The presentation starts with a very brief summary of ZFS's features, then immediately delves into interesting hacks. * Script-ability of ZFS * Abusing properties and inheritance * Mount point trickery * Delegation hacks and recipes * Applying limits to users and containers * Using ZFS to juggle development workflows * ZFS replication for conference attendees and road warriors * Lesser known subcommands * Abusing zdb * Storing configuration in ZFS

To be followed by an overview of recent and upcoming developments in OpenZFS, and then questions.


Photo of Allan Jude Allan Jude