Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


10 easy steps to ruin your localization

Things localizers would like developers to know that can improve everyones life

Localizers are some of the most active contributors to FOSS. They often work tirelessly across multiple projects making sure your project reaches new audiences. By understanding some of the consequences of developer decisions as they impact localizers you can become a developer that makes the lives and contribution of localizers really easy.

Localizers in FOSS are often no different from localizers in the commercial world. They take what they are given. In the commercial world because they're paid money, in the FOSS world because the end goal, a localized product, is really important to localizers.

But they deal with some painful process, painful decisions and a lack of awareness of the impact that development work can have on the localizers.

The aim of this talk is to raise some of the issues in file formats, localisable strings, language choice and process that can make localization frustrating. Developers who attend should be able to walk away with a much better understanding of how what they do ripples into the lives of localizers. They should be better equipped to help improve the lives of their localizers and be better informed of the impact that their decisions will have on the localization team.

End result, happy localizers and happy developers, creating a great multilingual product.


Dwayne Bailey