Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Could Haiku ever become a BSD?

What BSD gave us, what we could still gain from it.

While Haiku is an operating system on its own, and not even a real Unix clone, it does share many concepts, and even reused BSD code in several places. Let's see what BSD brought to Haiku, and what more it could bring.

The Haiku operating system, while inspired by the BeOS for its design, also shares common Unix concepts and principles. It is even closer now that BSD kernels get rid of giant locks, while Haiku has been designed for SMP from the ground up.

From the license to the reused FreeBSD network drivers, let's explore what we owe to the BSDs, what is on the agenda, and what would be fun to try.


Photo of Fran├žois Revol Fran├žois Revol