Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Open/LibreSSL in FreeBSD

State of OpenSSL and LibreSSL in ports and base

Following the Heartbleed vulnerability OpenBSD forked OpenSSL into LibreSSL. The portable version of LibreSSL was ported to FreeBSD a day after it was released causing a large number of problems with ports. Meanwhile OpenSSL changed its support-lifecycle and will stop supporting current versions very soon. LibreSSL is being actively developed which induces more changes to ports.

My talk will address the changes required to ports to deal with the changes that LibreSSL introduced (and keeps introducing). Additionally I will talk about the support-lifecycle of both the LibreSSL and OpenSSL projects and the impact on operating systems and other software projects. Lastly I will address making OpenSSL in base private and/or replacing FreeBSD's base OpenSSL with LibreSSL.


Bernard Spil