Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


The rad1o badge

How it happend and how to use it

The rad1o was the badge of the Chaos Communication Camp 2015. It features a full fledged SDR, which is compatible with and based on the HackRF. The talk will cover different aspects of it coming to live and how to utilize it.

The goal of the rad1o is to provide an SDR to interested people and groups, sparking more interest into the topic. Do do this, an SDR was designed into a conference badge (namely for the Chaos Communication Camp 2015). It is complete with a rechargeable battery, a display and some I/O capabilities.

During the talk we will talk about the steps needed to get such a project actually happening (which would not have been possible without open source). We will also quickly cover some of the different ways to use the badge for SDR applications.


Tobias Schneider
Stefan `Sec` Zehl