Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Running the Processing environment on ARM SBCs

Lessons learned & what's missing for having an Arduino equivalent on top of Linux

The 25 minutes talk intends to familiarize the audience with the Processing software sketchbook & language used extensively in education, and gives an overview of the state of this software running on single board computers (RPi, Allwinner SOCs). The second part outlines the challenges in implementing a vendor-neutral hardware I/O library, and what parts are currently missing (esp. kernel-wise) to offer an "Arduino"-like functionality across many affordable SBCs running Linux.

Processing ( is a JAVA-based programming environment and educational framework for learning how to code. Initiated by Ben Fry & Casey Reas in 2001, Processing is being widely used in contexts such as design and visual arts education. Processing is FOSS and being developed by a wide group of users & educators at


Photo of Gottfried Haider Gottfried Haider