Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Infrastructure provisioning in context of organization

Nowadays companies/organizations migrate and operate their infrastructure in virtual infrastructures (Cloud/IaaS). To efficiently operate and adapt to everyday changes and requirements they need to leverage automation which will do not only configuration, but orchestration, backup/recovery, reporting and monitoring as well. All of the processes are related to organization and are used by people in the organization. Imagine a tool which is able to automate and simplify whole process around the IaaS.

From spinning whole project’s infrastructure, set it up, help to operate, assign accounts, permissions and deprovisions when project ends. In this presentation we will try to show proposal for such solution. Using OpenStack for private cloud infrastrucure, Chef and midPoint as their orchestrator. And we will try to cover a little bit more. Think about user management and connection between users/employees and the infrastructure....


Photo of Katarina Valalikova Katarina Valalikova