Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


RedMetrics - Data-driven Game Design with Open Analytics

Know your players

Game developers make heavy use of "metrics" in order to understand how their games are being played by the public. Through recording players' actions within a game, designers can identify weaknesses in the game design, such as sections of the game that are too difficult, or never explored. We have created an open source game analytics service called "RedMetrics" in which all data gathered is freely available online. RedMetrics can gather data from any platform (web, PC, console, etc.) and stores it an open repository. The data is available via a web API as well as a web application. To ease integration, we provide interfaces for the popular game engine Unity as well as for the web browser.

RedMetrics offers open source game analytics. It is made up of a RESTful web service and a web app that allows developers, teachers, and researchers to track game metrics, then download the raw data for offline analysis.

To use it for your game, check out the RESTful web service API. If your game works in Unity, check out RedMetrics-Unity. If your game runs in a browser, you can use RedMetrics.js to connect it.


Jesse Himmelstein