Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Connected Tizen

Bringing Tizen to Your Connected Devices Using the Yocto Project

Tizen is an open source Linux based software platform for mobile, wearable and other embedded devices. In this talk you will learn how to build and port Tizen 3 to connected DIY (do it yourself) devices using industry standard tools provided by the Yocto Project and Openembedded. The presentation will also include practicals examples that demonstrate the flexibility of Yocto/OE to extend the Tizen distribution with your applications and new IoT (Internet of Things) features.

Tizen is an open source GNU/Linux based software platform for mobile, wearable and embedded devices as well as Internet of Things. Tizen:Common provides a generic development environment for Tizen 3 which key features include, Wayland, Weston, EFL UI/UX toolkit, and a web runtime for safely running standalone HTML5 apps.Yocto Project offers tools to easily expends features of Tizen:Common by creating layers for new profiles. This talk will focus the Tizen architecture and it will provide guidelines for creating and building new Tizen profiles, based on Tizen:Common, using the Yocto Project for devices with Intel or ARM processors. It will also provide information about hidden gems in Tizen on Yocto and practical examples for packaging and deploying HTML5 applications through Yocto recipes for the open source hardware development boards like Raspberry Pi 2 or HummingBoard (Freescale I.MX6 ARM SoC) or MinnowBoard Max (Intel).

Finally, since Tizen aims to become the OS of everything, we will illustrate this by extending Tizen Distro with new connectivity features provided by IoTivity library, the open source implementation of OpenInterConnect’s standard.

No previous experience with Tizen or the Yocto project is required. Attendees can expect to learn how to use Tizen on Yocto for building boot loader, Linux kernel and the Tizen software platform for various hardware architectures. Advanced techniques and practical examples for extending Tizen and adding new features will be shared.

Notice : This presentation will focus on TizenYocto while OIC’s IoTivity will be just mentioned as an example.


Photo of Leon Anavi Leon Anavi
Phil Coval