Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Where is LLVM being used today?

LLVM has been around for over a decade and is more popular than ever. Its combination of an easy to use API coupled with high quality documentation has lowered the barrier to compiler development significantly. This has led to a strong adoption of LLVM in many different areas and as a result we can see a wide range of projects using LLVM today. Projects using LLVM cover a large spectrum of domains, ranging from classic C/C++ toolchains to code obfuscation engines and binary translators. The vast number of different projects based on LLVM and the fact that new projects are appearing constantly makes it increasingly hard to keep track of all of them. This talk attempts to summarize the current landscape of projects which are using LLVM in one way or another. The focus of this talk is on projects using LLVM rather than the LLVM compiler infrastructure itself.


Photo of Tilmann Scheller Tilmann Scheller