Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


WebAssembly: Here Be Dragons

WebAssembly is a tale of four browser vendors, seeking new languages and capabilities while staying fast, secure and portable. The old JavaScript wizard still has many spells under its belt, but it seeks a companion on its quest to reach VM utopia. WebAssembly is that companion.

In this quest, mad alchemist Dan and jester JF will detail their exploration of LLVM-land. You’ll get to witness firsthand their exploration of ISel and MI, hear of their wondrous encounter with MC, and gasp at the Spell of Restructuring wherein SSA+CFG is transmuted into regs+AST. Will our adventurers conquer the Target and capture the virtual ISA?

Join us in this exciting tale to which you are the hero!


Photo of JF Bastien JF Bastien