Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


SDR Track Panel

About the future of free software SDR projects, and how we can collaborate

SDR projects have come a long way, and allow users to do all sorts of things, ranging from telecoms services (e.g. setting up a base station) to all kinds of scientific purposes (radio astronomy, DSP, etc.).

In this panel, we want to bring together leaders from various projects as well as community members, and discuss the future of free SDR, and identify possible areas of collaboration.

As SDR communities, we will discuss these topics (among others):

  • What are the near- and long-term goals for free SDR projects?
  • How can we collaborate?
  • Have we missed areas where we could use more action (between GNU Radio and the others we have the scientific stuff and the telecoms stuff sorted out, but what else is there)?
  • Which communities do we want to engage with?

We invite project leaders, but also all community members to join us for this discussion.


Photo of Martin Braun Martin Braun
Photo of Tom Rondeau Tom Rondeau
Sylvain Munaut
Paul Sutton