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09:30 Welcome to FOSDEM 2023
10:00 Celebrating 25 years of Open Source Graphics: A Frame's Journey The Virtual FOSDEM Infodesk (Saturday)
10:30 A Sovereign Cloud - Opening Remarks Building an actor library for Quickwit's indexing pipeline. Devroom kick-off talk: UKI? DDI?? Oh my!!! Lessons learnt managing and scaling 200TB glusterfs cluster @PhonePe Welcome to the BSD devroom Opening Railways and Open Transport devroom Fuzzing Device Models in Rust: Common Pitfalls GStreamer: State of the Union 2023 Running Real-time Stream Processing Analytics On Traces TEDective Enabling FIDO2/WebAuthn support for remotely managed users Drawing your Kubernetes cluster the right way Relativitization: an interstellar social simulation framework and a turn-based strategy game Lomiri Mobile Linux in Desktop mode Welcome to the Legal and Policy Issues Devroom Kotlin DevRoom Welcoming Remarks Delta-like Streaming of (encrypted) OTA Updates for RAUC The State of Go Welcome to the online Energy Devroom Inside the FIM (Fbi IMproved) Scriptable Image Viewer
  A Service as a Software Substitute (SaaSS) is unjust like proprietary software Energy policy by the European Commission
  BSD Driver Harmony Automated short-term train planning in OSRD What the energy industry can learn from how open source technology has transformed other traditional industries
10:45 How we created a Documentation Framework that works across a group of vendors in the sovereign cloud stack community
  The State of Kotlin
  Send in the chown()s
11:00 How regulating software for the European market could impact FOSS Can we do an open source chip design in 45 minutes? DM-Verity Rootfs Protection Game of Trees Daemon Is OpenStack still needed in 2023? PipeWire state of the union On the HashGNN node embedding algorithm FIDO beyond the browser MuPhyN - MultiPhysical Nexus AMENDMENT Sharp photos and short movies on a mobile phone Windows and Office "tax" refund Matter and Thread as Connectivity Solution for Embedded Recipes for reducing cognitive load LIPS Scheme
  Is Open Source Coming back to your Cloud? Using open source software to boost measurement data in railways CDC Stream Processing with Apache Flink
11:15 Building a distributed search engine with tantivy Present and future of Ceph integration with OpenStack and k8s Challenges in Home Energy Management vhost-user-blk: a fast userspace block I/O interface
  Image-Based Linux and TPMs
11:30 Using SPDK with the Xen hypervisor Modern Camera Handling in Chromium ipysigma: a Jupyter widget for interactive visual network analysis AMENDMENT Hardening Linux System with File Access Policy Daemon Fedora CoreOS - Your Next Multiplayer Homelab Distro Guix, toward practical transparent, verifiable and long-term reproducible research Mainline Linux on recent Qualcomm SoCs: Fairphone 4 Fuzzy Law-gic: FOSS & the Unauthorized Practice of Law Kotlin Multiplatform: From “Hello World” to the Real World Developing Bluetooth Mesh networks with Rust Building a CI pipeline with Dagger in Go Test talk number 1 Obstacles to open source in building energy technology Introduction to Pre-Scheme
  Reggae: cool way of managing jails/VMs on FreeBSD Introducing MOTIS Project
11:45 SQL on Ceph
  Building initrds in a new way An introduction to Apache Beam for streaming analytics Mobian: to stable... and beyond! Test talk number 2
  On-premise data centers do not need to be legacy
12:00 Fedora Asahi Introducing Helios Aurae: Distributed Runtime Transit network planning for everyone OKD Virtualization: what’s new, what’s next Advanced programmable use of Liquidsoap with FFmpeg A case for DAG databases Elliptic curves in FOSS The under-equipped social scientist ? Is “European open source” a thing? A mirror without reflection for Kotlin/Multiplatform 5 errors when building embedded systems Debugging concurrency programs in Go Test talk number 3 EVerest: AC and DC electric vehicle charging with open source software and hardware Bringing RISC-V to Guix's bootstrap
  Deploying Kubernetes across Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments Using OpenNebula
  What's new in the world of phosh?
12:15 Dynamic load change in SDS systems Test talk number 4
  Creating Pathways That Invest in New Maintainers Distributed Storage in the Cloud Ultrablue Test talk number 5
12:30 Digitransit Stateless decoder virtualization using VirtIO Video and Rust Dual presentation: FFmpeg 6 and VLC.js Ingesting over a million rows per second on a single instance. Visualization paradigm that will (potentially) replace force layouts OpenSSL in RHEL: FIPS-140-3 certification Touring the container developer tooling landscape Preliminary analysis of crowdsourced sound data with FOSS Ondev2: Distro-Independent Installer For Linux Mobile Toward better Kotlin Multiplatform architecture with Dependency Injection and KSP WAM: an embedded web runtime history for LG webOS and Automotive Grade Linux What's new in Delve / Tracing Go programs with eBPF Test talk number 6 European Eichrecht Using GNU Guix Containers with FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standard) Support
  Test talk number 7
  Should there be a standard in libre localization? Test talk number 8
12:45 Presentation of BastionLab, a Rust open-source privacy framework for confidential data science collaboration Converging image and package based OS updates Happy 5th anniversary pkg-provides Test talk number 9
  OpenTripPlanner Sailing into the Linux port with Sony Open Devices 
  Neovim and rust-analyzer are best friends Bit-for-bit reproducible builds with Dockerfile
13:00 The ELISA Project - Enabling Linux in Safety Applications DNF5: the new era in RPM software management Do more awkward user interviews s3gw: easy to use S3-compatible gateway for small and edge deployments blkhash - fast disk image checksums 4K HDR video with AV1 : A Reality Check Graph Stream Zoomer Kerberos PKINIT: what, why, and how (to break it) Tackling disinformation using opensource software Financing Open Source by small companies KRuMP - Kotlin-Rust-Multiplatform?! KUKSA.val Vehicle Abstraction Go Even Further Without Wires Rust based Shim-Firmware for confidential container Presentation of the SEAPATH project Creating minimal Guix System images
  From Zero to Hero with Solid A Rusty CHERI - The path to hardware capabilities in Rust
  Ubuntu Core: a technical overview Building A Real-Time Analytics Dashboard with Streamlit, Apache Pinot, and Apache Pulsar AMENDMENT Writing a convergent application in 2023 with Kirigami
13:15 Slint: Are we GUI yet? Chimera Linux
  Beyond Wikipedia: Discovering Wikimedia's Open-Source Ecosystem Developing open transport toolbox and community for ten years Kubernetes and Checkpoint/Restore
13:30 Rust API Design Learnings Dear admin, where’s my network? VVenC & VVdeC: Open source video encoding and playback for VVC The LDBC Social Network Benchmark Remote Attestation with Keylime vis users meeting PIMMI Open Source Initiative - Changes to License Review Process Kotlin Multiplatform for Android & iOS library developers Convergent camera applications for mobile Linux devices Optimizing string usage in Go programs Project Veraison (VERificAtIon of atteStatiON) Green software engineering Self-conscious Reflexive Interpreters
  openSUSE MicroOS design Public Transport Data in KDE Itinerary
  data mountains - turn your data into mountains! Can Genode on the PinePhone question the notion of a smartphone?
13:45 Ceph RGW and Zipper
  Operate First community cloud Building Analytical Apps With ClickHouse
  Exploring Database Containers
14:00 Linux Inlaws Maker Tools in the Browser CoffeOSM: improve OpenStreetMap a receipt at a time MachineOS: a Trusted, SecureBoot Image-based Container OS A journey through supporting VMs with dedicated CPUs on Kubernetes The FFV1 ecosystem Gephi towards v1.0: the codebase, and the rest AMENDMENT Hybrid Public Key Encryption in PQ world? NGI Zero network meetup AMENDMENT Better engineer-researcher collaborations though data control Learning From the Big Failures To Improve FOSS Advocacy and Adoption Functional fun in Kotlin Advanced Camera Support on Allwinner SoCs with Mainline Linux Squeezing a go function Carbon Intensity Aware Scheduling in Kubernetes
  OpenStreetMap, one geographic database to rule them all?
  Where do we go from here?
14:15 Responsible Clouds and the Green Web Triangle A deep dive inside the Rust frontend for GCC
  Announcing pg_statviz
  Closing Railways and Open Transport devroom
14:30 AVX512 in FFmpeg Where does that code come from? Safer containers through system call interception CorTexT Manager, a growing online platform in open research for social sciences Be pushy! Let's join for wider and better Kotlin support worldwide Reconciliation Pattern, Control Theory and Cluster API: The Holy Trinity Nydus Image Service for Confidential Containers
  Breaking the Code of Inclusion: Designing Micro Materials Based on PRIMM Principles for Accessible Programming Education. The Co-operative Cloud
15:00 Similarity Detection in Online Integrity Passwordless Linux -- where are we? Open Source Good Governance – GGI Framework presentation & deployment Merging process of the rust compiler Migrating to LibreOffice Technology - old and new motivations and challenges Making Continuous Delivery Accessible to All Demystifying compiler-rt-sanitizers for multiple architectures Welcome to the on-campus Energy Devroom GNU Guix and Open science, a crush? Scalable vector multimedia optimisations Collaborating with Collabora Online Whom Do You Trust? Understanding the energy use of Firefox The Hare programming language Interactive network visualizations as "guided close reading" devices for the social sciences AMENDMENT Parsing zone files really fast Reckoning with new app store changes: Is now our chance? How we moved SDKs to Kotlin Multiplatform U-Boot as PSCI provider on ARM64 Five Steps to Make Your Go Code Faster & More Efficient THE BASE - FOSS Confidential Container SDK to ease the development Operating Ceph from Ceph Dashboard
  Bottlerocket OS - a container-optimized Linux
  Fun project by design – How LibreOffice development can be full of flow? V2GLiberty: The open stack that could
  FPGA-based music synthesis with open-source tools SmartArt Support for LibreOffice How To Automate Documentation Workflow For Developers
  Let's write Snake game! How Replicant, a 100% free software Android distribution, uses (or doesn't use) Guix
15:30 Putting the R in LibreOffice: a Shiny dashboard for QA Using the FIM (Fbi IMproved) Universal Image Viewer Migrating from proprietary to Open-Source knowledge management tools IntelOwl Project What's new with the Firefox Profiler Webmapping and massive statistical data, a democratization story DNS for I2P: a Distributed Network without Central Authority How to get public administrations to use more FOSS Improving the Kotlin Developer Experience in Koin 3.2 barebox, the bootloader for Linux kernel developers Headscale: How we are using integration testing to reimplement Tailscale A Study of Fine-Grain Compartment Interface Vulnerabilities: What, Why, and What We Should Do About Them
  Defining a multi-architecture interface for SYCL in LLVM Clang
  FabAccess Cleaning up the unittest code mess Delivering a crossplane-based platform OpenSTEF: Open Source energy predictions Automating secret rotation in Kubernetes
15:45 The Importance of Collaborative Applications for European Digital Sovereignty Intro to Ceph on Kubernetes using Rook Executable papers in the Humanities, or how did we land to the Journal of Digital History
  Crashtesting LibreOffice in the backyard CANCELLED Eliminating ManagedStatic and llvm_shutdown
  Exploring WebAssembly with Forth (and vice versa)
16:00 Teaching machines to handle bugs and test Firefox more efficiently. Winners and Losers in FOSS OpenStreetMap: Sharpen your "Emergency Eyes" LibreOffice Dark Modes Merging Two Worlds - Broadcast and WebRTC Deploy an enterprise search server with Fess What Does Rugby Have To Do With Sigstore? Over a decade of anti-tracking work at Mozilla SourceHut meetup The Turing Way: Changing research culture through open collaboration Why resolving two names in a GUI program is hard EU alternative to app stores Shrinking in the Age of Kotlin Building FPGA Bitstreams with Open-Source Tools Our Mad Journey of Building a Vector Database in Go Building a secure network of trusted applications on untrusted hosts
  How to Build your own MLIR Dialect 4 Years of Energy Management with openHAB Quick starting secure container storage using squashfs, overlay and dm-verity
  Glidesort Turbocharging an elephant. Making Libreoffice faster.
16:15 Continuously Update Everything Open Research Open Panel
  Bare-metal servers as a container runtime Feature Locking and Feature Restriction Whippet: A new production embeddable garbage collector Connectbyname and the Proxy Control option
16:30 An Interoperability Improvement in LibreOffice Impress Tables AMENDMENT Autoscaling with KEDA - Object Store Case Study Combatting Software-Driven Environmental Harm With Free Software The open source stack for animation movie pipelines Optimizing your core application for integration How to protect your Kubernetes cluster using Crowdsec The Digital Services Act 101 Cluster API: Operating Kubernetes with Kubernetes AI Discussion 20 minutes from zero to a live chatbot with Tock Open Source Switching: Upstreaming ONIE NVMEM and switch BSP drivers Building a basic event-driven application in Go in 20 minutes Scalable Confidential Computing on Kubernetes with Marblerun CANCELLED Container Storage Interface Addons
  Continuous Delivery to many Kubernetes Clusters
  Passbolt Writer Content Controls -- what happened in the past half year Case study of creating and maintaining an analysis and instrumentation tool based on LLVM: PARCOACH A journey to the hardware world
16:45 How Pydantic V2 leverages Rust's Superpowers The Software Sustainability Institute Community and Events
  The role of Open Infrastructure in digital sovereignty Footnotes in multi-column sections iothnamed Ups and Downs with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on Wayland, Weston and the Yocto Project
  CI/CD The gitops way Zig and Guile for fast code and a REPL 7 years of cgroup v2: the future of Linux resource control
17:00 Sustaining Free and Open Source Software Fair threaded task scheduler verified in TLA+ Is YAML the Answer? News from the ODF Toolkit Getting to a fossil free internet by 2030 Melrōse, a music programming environment Nextcloud Numbers and Hubs Secure voice/video over IP communications today and tomorrow thanks to post-quantum encryption ! Cache The World Weblate community BoF The coming EU Standard-Essential Patents regulation Data oriented programming in Kotlin Is Go Object-Oriented? A Case of Public Opinion Gramine Library OS Establishing the Research Software Engineering (RSE) Asia Association with the Open Life Science programme
  Bluetooth state in PipeWire and WirePlumber CANCELLED Monitoring and Centralized Logging in Ceph
  LibreOffice graphics subsystems - SystemSpecificRenderers
17:15 The Role of Open Source at the EU Technology Roadmap for a European Sovereign Cloud The C2 compiler Exploring a swedish smarthome hub FAIRPoints
  CNI 2.0: Vive la révolution Improvements to LibreOffice PDF accessibility Algebraic Effects and Types as First-Class Features in the Fuzion Language Implementation of the Drink server: programming details
  Scalable graph algorithms in Rust (and Python)
17:30 Supporting old proprietary graphic formats CI/CD for Machine learning models Power profiling with the Firefox Profiler Become a rockstar using FOSS! The Relentless March of Markdown Mercator Firefox Profiler beyond the web From a database in container to DBaaS on Kubernetes The Professional's Guide To Haphazardly Picking Licenses For Standards & Specifications Take your shot of Vitamin! The PolyVent FLOSS Ventilator Visually programming Go Confidential Containers and the Pitfalls of Runtime Attestation Learn 8-bit machine language with the Toy CPU emulator Frictionless Application (IDE for CSV)
  Staging of Artifacts in a Build System What is Digital Sovereignty and how can OSS help to achieve it? LibreOfficeKit – bridge between your application and LibreOffice
17:45 CANCELLED First class support in OSS IDP-Z3, a reasoning engine for FO(.)
  Using Rust for your network management tools! Collabora Online over lock-down Flang progress update Hosting your own DNS for 'fun' and zero profit
18:00 Perspectives from the Open Source Developer Tools for linking Wikidata and OpenStreetMap A Rocket Engine for LibreOffice Templates Build CI/CD pipelines as code, run them anywhere Update on open-source energy system modeling in the global south and including Africa Distributing multicast channels to 3rd parties: a case study with OSS and virtualization/SR-IOV Privacy and Collaboration Hardware-backed attestation in TLS Localize your open source project with Pontoon Book reading: Ada & Zangemann - A Tale of Software, Skateboards, and Raspberry Ice Cream Panel: Hot Topics How to Test Your Compose UI VoLTE for FOSS vfkit - a native macOS hypervisor written in go Papis: a simple, powerful and extendable command-line bibliography manager
  Lightweight Kubernetes Operators with WebAssembly
  Make Collabora Online yours I have an idea: build a language that can run backwards
18:15 Backward and forward compatibility for security features
  Marrying Collabora Online and LibreOffice WASM How We Gained Observability Into Our CI/CD Pipeline Moving from home grown to open source
  Effective management of Kubernetes resources for cluster admins Open source C/C++ embedded toolchains using LLVM
18:30 Collabora Online and WASM Open data and open-source adoption in the energy sector LuaRocks and the challenges of minimalism Transparent, asynchronous, efficient communication Demystifying StackRox The Road to Intl.MessageFormat Kotlin DevRoom Closing Remarks Reverse engineering a solar roof datalogger Go Lightning talks Research at the service of free knowledge: Building open tools to support research on Wikimedia projects
  atuin: magical shell history with Rust State of the Toolchain
18:45 Z Sovereign Cloud - Closing Remarks
  Bizarre and Unusual Uses of DNS