Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Making Continuous Delivery Accessible to All

New technologies such as Kubernetes and methodologies such as microservices are changing how software is developed, delivered, and deployed. Additionally, bringing new products to the hands of users is happening much faster than before, making Continuous Delivery a critical aspect of doing business. The way we do business is evolving at a tremendous pace and keeping up with the technology and tooling can often put strains on companies regardless of size or number of employees. Knowing where to start is one issue but then once you’ve started how do you scale. Do you need more tools, which tools do you need, what resources do you have to help you pick the right path to keep your company running efficiently, how do you train your developers while they continue to do their day jobs? The CD Foundation was formed and incubates projects that address these challenges in an open-source, vendor-neutral manner.

Using best practices from graduated projects like Jenkins and Tekton as well as incubating projects like CDEvents and Spinnaker, the CD Foundation is working on the CD Reference Architecture to help take the guesswork out of tooling and scaling and creating a blueprint on how to establish, structure or modernise your CI/CD infrastructure. This talk will go over some examples of the CD Reference Architecture and resources available to help make CD accessible for your organisation.


Photo of Fatih Degirmenci Fatih Degirmenci
Photo of Lori Lorusso Lori Lorusso