Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


s3gw: easy to use S3-compatible gateway for small and edge deployments

In this talk we will present SUSE's storage team's latest passion project, s3gw (, an easy-to-use S3-compatible service for kubernetes environments. Although focused to work on top of Longhorn (, s3gw can leverage any local filesystem or Persistent Volume provided to it. The project is divided in two main components: the s3gw service, a Ceph RADOS Gateway with a custom, filesystem based backend, leveraging RGW's SAL implementation; and the s3gw UI, not only for management tasks but also providing a bucket and object explorer. During our time together we will discuss s3gw's backend implementation, and present the UI, with a small demonstration of how to deploy the project on a small kubernetes cluster. With this talk we would love to also gather feedback from the attendees, so we can feed back into project development.


Photo of Joao Eduardo Luis Joao Eduardo Luis